Friday, January 19, 2007

A good reason to pursue appellate work

Tonight's annual Guile comedy debate capped off another busy law school week - 12 hours of class a week being busy enough. My partner and I didn't win, which was actually quite forseeable when we realized we were up against the funniest person in law school. I find you often meet people in law that could easily entertain other careers - this man could be a comedian. He has that effortless style like a Demetri Martin, that's impossible to top.

On the bright side, there was the best kind of consolation for the losing team - monetary consolation. Ironic that the only money I'm likely to earn from this law school isn't for smarts, but for acting stupid - and for acting so in front of the Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court.


hilary said...

great job tonight! i laughed just as hard at yours as at the others...

Brad said...

Sorry I missed it Ryan!