Friday, December 01, 2006

Vaya con dios, valuation of securities

Classes are over and I celebrated by throwing out notes - not the most recent ones, but stacks of previous year's cases taking up precious storage space. Take a hike, Torts. Show's over, Secured Transactions.

While going through those notes, I came across the very first assignment I had in law school. It was a group assignment for a Law & Literature class, possibly two very good reasons why I despise group work and arbitrary groupings of diverse disciplines.

Anyway, we got 68%, an inauspicious start to any brilliant legal career, but what's more annoying is a specific written comment accounting for the low mark. After we wrote that asking people to disclose any 'cognitive enhancements' (don't ask) before entering into a contract was unreasonable, we got this comment - one that, if corrected, would have resulted in a higher mark, but also the solution to 99% of common law judicial headaches:

"You need to define 'reasonable.'"

It's a shame we ran out of space, because we were just about to outline our infallible theory of prison reform.


hilary said...

you were in law and lit? i was in that too - and i do believe we also got a 68%.

i'm still sad about you ending your blog in april!

Lawyerlike said...

I'm still sad about the 68%!