Saturday, December 23, 2006

Three hour holiday more likely

Another great Christmas in the books. I've had such a good time, but I can't help but think that next year, when I've begun work at "the firm," a three-week holiday won't be as likely.

I didn't actually get one of these, and perhaps my final term at law school will thank Santa for that. This PS3 system was actually on loan from a friend of my brother. The kicker was that it came with no games, and renting them is a bit of an impossibility, so for a while it felt like having the goose that lays golden eggs, only to find it is infertile, or worse - a gander.

As for actual Christmas haul, amongst a lot of great stuff I got Jeff Tweedy's solo album/DVD, one of my favorite/the funniest performers. I particularly like his tour footage of the Pacific Northwest. I skipped ahead to the San Fran portion of the disc, as I'm tenatively planning a trip to that city in April. Any super sleuths know where this donut shop is in town?

The rest of the holidays have been nice and relaxing so far. (Still two weeks to go!) Of course, this being Calgary, I've also spent a lot of time on the roads. We made the traditional stop at Peter's Drive In, (best milkshakes in town) and I also got a peek at the city's brand new courthouse. 24 storeys and 73 courtrooms of cowboy justice.

On the rare occasions the TV is on, I think it's one of the great inventions of our modern age that fire has its own channel. At least during the holidays. Of course, like any programming, it needs to be entertaining to capture one's attention for any length of time. This mysterious hand stoking the fire provides for such a highlight.

Of course, I still have a birthday coming up in a matter of days, the big 25, or the age I find that a lot of my law school friends celebrated in undergrad.

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