Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prochaine: Jacques Bauer en Vingt-Quatre!

We've now moved on from the seismic deathtraps of Western North America to the lush vineyards and ancient castles of Europe. That's right: I've finished one essay and now am into my European Union law paper.

I've settled on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, TV. Specifically, I know it's always a big headache up here in Canada to have a certain quota of Canadian content on TV (made harder by the fact that original programming is so awful it needs to be replaced annually.) So I wanted to look into how the EU deals with protecting member states' cultural qualities, while respecting the free movement of goods and services, i.e. TV. Bien, n'est-ce pas?

I'm also hoping to answer several pressing questions: does 24 operate on the 24 hour clock over there? What region is the European equivalent of The OC? (My money's on Le Aix). And does the prevalence of civil law deny Sam Waterston the stardom he so richly deserves?

Since doing several of these papers I've become better at the research side of things, but the benefit of doing this for European Union law is that the Union's website, Europa, is amazing. It is, hands down, the best governmental website around, cataloguing every case, directive, piece of legistlation and all in countless languages to boot - and most importantly, all easily found.

Really the only site that matches its depth is Ryan Adams' repository of eight new albums available for streaming.

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