Sunday, November 19, 2006

Or Bereft of bouzouki

I thought I'd get to write something today about going to the Decemberists' sold out show last night at the Commodore. The band has been playing some legendary shows recently, and I've always wanted to see live a band that plays the accordion, the hurdy-gurdy and the bouzouki.

Alas, I arrived to some sign posted on the door saying the band was suffering from an "illness," and the tickets I've been holding for two months will have to wait another month to be used. Knowing the Decemberists, it was probably one of the more literate illnesses, like cholera or a 15th century strain of the plague.

In lieu of the concert, we made a stop at HMV downtown to finally buy their latest album (my favorite of this last year), and had an impropmtu concert in the car driving through downtown. Since I had my camera for the concert, I didn't want to waste it, so here's some random shot from the drive, although it's decidedly hurdy-gurdy-less.

(Not pictured: The Decemberists.)

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