Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The nun, of course

'Tis been what we call in the blogosphere a slow news week. But since it's also a slow TV night, I'll do a recap:

First, congrats to a fellow law student on winning his first case in court. Not only is that a great way to start off a legal career, but I believe you're now also eligible to be the subject of a John Grisham novel.

I went to the horse track last weekend for the first time. (Incidentally, this is the first summer I've been away from the Calgary Stampede.) Apparently one law school course I should seriously think about taking is the Law of Averages. I sympathized with Marge Simpson: "Can't I just bet that all the horses will have a good time?"

I love this new Thom Yorke album. And what it lacks in actual instrumentation and Radiohead members it more than makes up for expansive, album-lining woodcut illustrations. I'm a fan of this style of art, and Stanley Donwood does it in spades.

I snagged tickets for myself and friends for Bard on the Beach. Unfortunately, the seasonally apt Midsummer Night's Dream was sold out, so it looks like it'll be Measure for Measure, a play I last read for an essay comparing Isabella, the nun from that play, and Lady Macbeth. Guess who came out crazier?

I think I'm the only one who has yet to see Pirates of the Caribbean, but I did see Superman and appreciated the fact that Lex Luthor wasn't so much the main villain, that honour instead going to the system which set him free from jail. You guessed it, the legal system!

Lastly, I managed to do the Grouse Grind one more time this week, beating my last time by 15 minutes. I believe I'm now eligible to be the subject of a John Grisham novel.


Thomas said...

Do you mean Midsummer was sold out for the night you wanted? Or just plain sold out?

I guess I can check.

Also - I am the subject of a John Grisham novel.

Lawyerlike said...

I was told it sells out a week in advance, so the show I wanted was out. People love the Puck.