Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A straight consonant student

And now back to regularly scheduled programming.

Back in January
, I likened the return of my grades to various moments in 24. The show was a handy reference point, because its tense and often painful situations mimicked quite nicely how several of my exams turned out. Now that spring marks have been released, it's only apt to describe my reaction to them using good ol' Kiefer again.

A disappointing Evidence mark aside, the rest of my exams went as well as I could have hoped. When you get to law school, you're basically told that E isn't the only vowel you won't get as a grade. So it was shocking to see that I rounded up several A's in one term. To to draw a comparison, if exams were a Christmas tree, and doing well was represented by a drunken Kiefer Sutherland tackling said Christmas tree, well, then I feel like this. (Video is TAFW, meaning "totally awesome for work.")


hilary said...

Congrats on the As! And don't feel bad about evidence - the average was 69!! I think that can be adjusted if we draw it to their attention. My exam period was more like a roller coaster - some high highs, and some VERY low lows.

Anonymous said...

I think Drunk Ryan and Drunk Kiefer are very similar...


Anonymous said...

Great job Ryan!

Fuck evidence, you can make your own or eliminate it Bauer Style.