Saturday, April 01, 2006

Don't bother reading this

You're probably wondering what sort of hijinx ol' Lawyerlike might get up to on this April Fools. Rather, you probably didn't, and rightly so, because I've got nothing.

I briefly considered replacing some of the album covers on the right with incredibly gauche bands to give you the impression that I listen to music mucher lamer than I do, but that takes time to code and I'd probably forget to change it back later.

Plus, I'm trying to study for Federalism and am just using this post to take a quick break. And really, you're probably still smarting from the Constitutional switcheroo I pulled on you last April.

No my dear readers, this will be a foolish free zone, because I respect all of you too much to take such liberties and I really appreciate all the comments you leave.... April Fools!

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