Monday, March 06, 2006

Yet still snubbed by Oscar

Big day for Law Revue: the February show got a big write-up in this month's Legal Eye. Amongst the accolades: "This year’s Law Revue was a huge success and no article or photo will do it any justice. It truly was a night of hilarity..."

If you want to read the whole issue, a PDF for March is available here. In lieu of that, here is an article/photo which won't do it any justice.

As well, our DVD's came back from the copier and are now ready for pickup. This project was definitely a labour of love - and also blood, sweat, tears, raised voices, frozen computers, etc.

For any who still wish to buy one, email ubclawrevue at gmail dot com. I'm personally pleased that I got to record a director's commentary, one I'm sure is a good future contender the Onion's "Commentary Tracks of the Damned" column.


AB said...

Do you mail out east? I know the demand out here is out of control...

a blawger said...

Hi Ryan,

Can you shoot me an email asap? Re: potential Magazine interview.