Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The portentous posterior

Hop, skip and hyperlink over to the Tyee where you can read my latest article on the sex-ification of crime dramas and divining wisdom from Dennis Franz's NYPD butt.

But don't let that mental image stop you - though it almost did me. Trying to do research on when that particular episode aired was tough enough. Googling "Dennis Franz nude" is like entering a mine field. Tread lightly my dear readers.


dirtybird said...

As a graduate of a double major in law and modeling, I was able to truly enjoy your article.

Best one yet, champ.

Anonymous said...

Article is running at 110% Sport.

We may just make the state championships if you keep this up.


Anonymous said...

excellent. have you noticed, according to television, only skinny, young women with large breasts get to be police detectives. There are two exceptions, Without a Trace is one, where middle-aged black women are allowed to look as middle-aged women usually look.
Police women are just like the rest of us: some of us are beauties, most are not.