Thursday, March 09, 2006

Law blog goes star rag

Every Friday, Entertainment Weekly publishes their "Must List," 10 things that everyone should do to brush-up on pop culture and thus become a functional member of society. (I shouldn't sound so cynical, I like EW - with so many magazines discussing such matters, they take it the least seriously.)

So in that vein, here is my weekend-edition "Must List," written in hopefully that same irreverant, sly way:

  • Ethics: this essay is just begging to be written, a 30-page page-turner on torture that has us screaming for more.
  • Charter: now that the outline's done, the fun is just beginning with a quick glance at over 25 years worth of jurisprudence on the reasonable expectation to privacy. Peek-a-boo!
  • Intellectual Property: it's no trade secret that there's a lot of reading for the trademarks section. With copyrights you can do no copywrong.
  • Federalism: write the essay or write the test? How will the dilemma get resolved before the season finale? We can't wait to find out. Really, we can't.

  • Evidence: Exhibit A: reading! When we say there's a lot, that ain't no hearsay. Don't object, you'll be pleasantly overruled.

(Yes, the pictures of celebrities are entirely superfluous. But doesn't it feel like you're reading a magazine?)

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