Thursday, March 23, 2006

His synecdoche jokes kill

A while back I compiled a short list of three awesome things I heard on TV. I haven't had much time to watch the ol' telly lately, what with studying the law and all - but I did manage to catch one recent gem.

Anyone who's ever seen Squire Barnes on Canadian news channels knows the guy is hilarious. But speaking on B.C.'s minor hockey rivalry, he revealed how he's also a poetic master of the simile: "Like a 21 year-old single male sitting alone at a bar, the Vancouver Giants have been subject to Cougar attacks all season long."

A quick update on the law front: I'm now done with Ethics (not in general, that doesn't happen till after third year - zing!) after finishing my paper and the classes. While I'd normally be happy that I have three more free hours during the week, I know they'll have to be spent working on the other subjects. Except when I watch King Kong next week. Or Apprentice, OC, and Grey's Anatomy. Or Conviction, Survivor and Amazing Race...

Man I need more time.

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kris said...

Hi. I stumbled across your wonderful little blog and while reading saw that you are a Grey's Anatomy fan. I run a small fansite "" and was hoping I could get a link to my site from your blog (maybe switch out the link to the official site if its not too much trouble?).

I would be so incredibly grateful.

I'd love to hear back if you get the chance. I know you are probably really busy and this isn't high on your list.

P.S. Keep on bloggin'!