Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's a photo finish!

This Christmas brought a repeat of a classic hockey showdown not seen since the great Sega era of the early nineties. Back then, my brothers and I had discovered and exploited an AI error in NHLPA '93 that prevented the goalie... what am I saying, we were just that good. And with a final score of 146 to negligible, it prompted the question, could the effect be repeated on a new generation system?

In a match reminiscent of a Harlem Globetrotters and Washington Generals match, or even a David vs. Goliath scenario where the winner is more accurately determined by his power and slings were rightly barred - the game was a romp. The Flames ended with well over 200 goals to the Capitals' pitiful 0. Maybe penalties being turned off and AI skill being diminished helped somewhat, but who am I to know such things.

Obviously some things had changed since 12 years ago: the Caps had replaced the San Jose sharks as the league's worst team, the short side of the net trick didn't work and had to be replaced by the easy wraparound, (click to see how it's done!) and my brothers and I had changed from giddy children testing the limits of a video game to giddy grown men.

Some other fun facts: goals can be scored every 5 seconds, Jarome Iginla registered 13 hat tricks and commentator Harry Neale was heard to remark after the 172nd goal that "if the Caps put together a defence they can get back in this game."

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