Monday, November 21, 2005

Tomorrow's forecast: bad 70's rock

Fogwatch, day three.

The mist continues to roll in without compromise. However, campus does have these really great lamps that give the whole scene a Victorian quality. I half expect to see Saucy Jack jump out of the shadows and claim his next victim. Not sure who Jack was? Watch the great movie on the subject if you want the identity to be a mystery, or read the graphic novel if you don't care for the mystery and want a better portrait of motive, something which a poorly-accented Heather Graham cannot convey. Either way, both great choices.

To get an understanding of the veritable fog hat this city is wearing, go to this site which has a webcam above the Burrard Street bridge. I'm still really amazed at this weather, because you don't really get anything like it in Calgary. I recall once in Kingston there was some fog, but it was more likely just some smog Toronto was too important for.

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Anonymous said...

The novel is largely about all the people who made money or their careers off these murders. Making a very profitable movie on top of that is a whole other level of irony. Boo-urns.