Friday, October 21, 2005

There in 30 minutes or you're dead

If you've played video/computer games, you inevitably reach the point when you become bored with the storyline (or say, have an inordinate amount of time on your hands due to an entirely fruitless job search) and naturally try to test the limits of the game.

Programmers can't possibly test all angles of a game, and thus rendered worlds contain endless possibilities for illogical displays of physics or horrifying examples of human capacity. I only bring this up because I was forwarded this hilarious video.

Then I recalled growing up being amused at several of my own discoveries, like:

Finding out that the state trooper in Sega's Road Rash can indeed be knocked off of his motorcycle and no, he does not get up.

Finding out that California's La Jolla Golf & Country Club has a playable parking lot, good news for those with an (intentionally) wicked slice.

Finding out that programming identical keyboard controls for a two player computer game of Contra makes for a doubly powerful single player game.

Finding out that Liberty City has a particular intersection whereby you can fall through the nexus of the universe, only to land at the exact same point many seconds later.

Finding out that the 1993 San Jose Sharks are team most suited to allowing you to score goals once every four seconds if you aim at the short side of the net on a deke.

Finding out that a ranking military officer, created to be invincible in order to give you instructions throughout a level, can only withstand thirty gunshots and direct grenade hits before he dies and dissolves into thin air.

Finding out that without a fridge and any mode of exit from a house, a Sim's last, desperate call to a pizza delivery service will be tragically ironic.

Yup, an entirely fruitless job search.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously looking to work at EA burnaby this spring. We could use a man like you on the team with your breadth and width of experience.


p.s If those knobs you've been seeing don't know what a 165 pound walking pile of potential looks like, the only one losing out is them.

Anonymous said...

I second B's note... well, his P.S. comment anyways as I have no contacts at EA... *sigh*. That would be a cool job. Anyways, yeah, don't give up on that search... hard work and persistence pay off. The others are simply not worthy of your intellect.


p.s. Figured you'd like that video, I tried to replicate something similar in GTA but the cars are just to heavy. Either that or the physics are more realisitc.

p.p.s. Your a 165 pounds?

Lawyerlike said...

Well, I have been working out lately.

Anonymous said...

God, I am fat. 175lbs.