Monday, August 22, 2005

Insert clever title

Killing time before the drive. Thus I present, random links:

Klingon fairy tales.

A benefit song to end every kid's favorite holiday, "Do They Know It's Halloween?" Possibly the only time you'll hear Beck, Arcade Fire and David Cross on the same recording.

Anyone ever read the comic Funky Winkerbean? Well neither have I. And maybe that lack of context is what makes this comic - which, with a title like Funky Winkerbean, one might expect to be lighthearted - so very funny, when it's so obviously and utterly not.


Thomas said...

Re: Funky Winkerbean
Subj: WTF?
Text: WTF?

Anonymous said...

Never post anything funky winkerbean ever again. I really don't know what to say. Why do you even know about it?


Lawyerlike said...

I am truly shocked as anyone is about this startling Funky development. There I was at work, reading up on the latest exploits of Bucky Kat and Satchel Pooch and WHAM - a suicide bomber in the comics??

God, it's true we all loathe the sugar-coated lameness of Family Circus, but this is going too far in the other direction.

hilary said...

wow, that is no way funky. or wintery. have a safe drive back. btw, navigator of NY was awesome - part adventure, part mystery, part historical, part romance. It was by far my favourite summer read. Strange, because a few people told me they didn't like it... which is why it sat on my shelf for a year and a half.