Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I vant to pimp your blood!

Love the engraving submissions people, keep 'em coming below. (Although W, you're ahead in the races, for you understand my Tap weakness.) Any Arrested Development quote would be welcome too, and you'll be able to transcribe them that much easier now that the second season DVD is on its way.

It's only a matter of weeks now till Law School Year 2: the Quickening. I fear the days of enjoyable reading might be over. No more witty judgments or stories about accidental amputations. I just can't imagine that the reading list for Corporations or Secured Transactions can be that exciting. It's like when Michael Moore asked a television producer why there wasn't a show about corporate criminals and heard in response, "Because no one would watch that show. But if that businessman took his shirt off and threw his cell phone at the camera... then we might have something."

Since once September rolls around and reading becomes a daily chore (but a character-builder, no doubt), I've decided to read one last ripping yarn, and I hear this Historian is good. Dracula not pathetically updated (also see here) for the MTV generation? I'm there.

Entertainment Weekly's review is a funny read for a couple reasons. First, they describe the book as "The Da Vinci Code for smart people" - I haven't read the Brown book, but thank you! Second, they love the book but decry the novel for its "slow parts." Excuse me? It's a book - it's all slow parts! I can imagine this reviewer thinking, "I love how this book has chapter stops just like a DVD, so I can fast forward to the action scenes."

The book's subject matter coincides nicely with preliminary writing I'm doing for this year's Law Revue. Without giving anything away regarding a certain (hilarious!) sketch, let's just say I'm exploring the interplay between history's most reviled bloodsuckers and... vampires. Har.

So after the Drac book, I'll return to the book I purchased immediately before starting law school, Dickens' Bleak House, because I saw that it was about lawyers. (I also saw its interminable length, explaining why I'm still reading it.) Speaking of Chuck, the new English version of the Oliver Twist trailer is up.

As for iPod epitaphs, I know if it were a tombstone, things would be easy:

"Here lies David St. Hubbins, and why not?"
"You feel that sums up your life?"
"No, it's the first thing I could think of. It doesn't sum up anything really."


Anonymous said...

I was thinking afterward that simply "This goes to eleven" would be best (note the singular, given that you're referring to your ipod, not ipods collectively)...


Anonymous said...

I'm with Wade. "This goes to eleven" is perfect.