Friday, August 26, 2005

Canuck Hotel Foxtrot

I'm not sure how second year law school will compare to first in terms of workload. Last year, with 100% exams, evenings were a relatively stress free affair, where you could squeeze all your fears about failing into a few weeks in April. Now, who knows, but let's hope there's still room for some of the fall's television shows:

I'm in an office pool for a team on the Amazing Race's family edition. Root for the three sons-in-law along with the father who bears an uncanny resemblance to Dennis Hopper!

Thankfully, Hopper can't reprise his role on 24, where he gave Keanu Reeves a run for worst accent on screen ever. Who will join Jack though? The headline says it all: "Fat hobbit joins counter-terrorism unit." They haven't given many hints on what the new season will look like, although in the last season Tony Almeida did ominously gave Jack a golden ring and mumbled something about a mountain...

I've mentioned how good it is, and now you can listen to the whole Dandy Warhols album on their site, remarkably with a whole DVD's worth of footage. Apparently, it was going to be included with the CD, but scrapped because of "someone in a department called Legal." I don't know what it is, but sometimes, I get this feeling that people have some, I'm not sure, negative attitude towards lawyers.

Another CD you positively must look out for is the self-titled Broken Social Scene album. If you liked how weird Wilco got in their sound, this seems like the natural progression. Only I gather Bro' So' Scene (as nobody calls them) has been doing it longer.

Hmm, this post sorta devolved into just more random links. So in that spirit:

"Shakespeare was, like, the ultimate rapper"

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