Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You have the right to remain snooty

Naturally, Almost Famous is one of my all time favorite movies, and one line from that movie just keeps getting funnier:

Dennis Hope: If you think Mick Jagger will still be doing the rock star thing at age fifty, well, then, you are sorely mistaken.


According to the band, the title of the new album refers to their "fascination with the scientific theory about the origin of the universe." But for anyone who’s actually considered the lyrics to a song like "Stray Cat Blues," it’s a safe guess that, after the rock n’ roll connotations of the title, Mick is going after a third entendre.

Like your British rock stars younger/less salacious? Torr has some great British Sea Power tunes up. Like your bands more salacious...?

A Harry Potter thought for you. (The novel, by the way, is much more satisfying than the last novel, and the death in this one was actually a death, with a body, and I do believe the phrase "like a rag doll" was used.) What I realized as I was reading, however, is despite how magically trained all these students will no doubt be, they are absolutely scholastically retarded in every other area.

Consider everything that you have learned in school from age eleven onwards. All the math, calculus, social studies, science, politics (and if you’re from Calgary, square dancing) – none of these kids have learned that. Sure, Harry could make a car fly, but he wouldn’t be able to calculate the tip at a restaurant. He would be lucky to just read the menu.

Now for my next book. Anyone who read Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence and wanted to visit the picturesque region may want to reconsider after reading Stephen Clarke’s satire A Year in the Merde. Very drĂ´le.

Speaking of France, I guess when Dick Wolf can’t find room on TV schedules for another Law & Order, he just tries another time zone. The mot on the rue is that France is getting its own version of Criminal Intent. I would wager the only Frenchman who could match D’Onofrio for hulking stature is Depardieu. And since Vince bases his character on Sherlock Holmes, does this mean the French detective will be based on Holmes’ Gallic counterpart?

The kicker, of course, is that France uses a civil, rather than common law, based on the Napoleonic Code. So I guess this means no more "Battle of the Authorities" sparring matches often glorified by Jack McCoy.

Objection your honour! En francais!

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Anonymous said...

What about basing the character on Hercule Poirot...now there's a supersleuth...oh wait, I think he's supposed to be Belgian. My bad.