Wednesday, July 20, 2005

David Copperfield: Full Throttle

Second round of registration is over, certainly not made any easier by virtue of being online. I think the only way registering manually could prove more difficult is if the person who took my written course selections then waved it in front of me for five minutes and said, "Please wait while I process your request."

If I were to ask him how long he intended to wave that paper arrogantly in front of my face, he would ignore me. Then, if I tried to grab that paper back, I would be sent out of the room. Upon trying to re-enter, I would be told the room was "busy" and that I should come back at "non-peak" hours. I'd have to try a few more times, and only after drawing attention to myself for cursing under my breath so much, would I finally get in and register.

Anyway, here's the final tally (with no Friday classes!): in the fall I've got Advanced Criminal Procedure, Corporations, International Law, Secured Transactions and Taxation. In the spring I have Commercial Transactions, Charter, Intellectual Property, International Law Problems and finally, Evidence the entire year. This is the Achilles heel of the whole deal, as it gives me some 8:30 a.m. classes during the week, but you can't win them all. (Except the cases I'll try in court. Zing!)

Anyway, here's some random links I've been meaning to blog:

The French trailer for Roman Polanski's adaptation of Oliver Twist is online. Unfortunately, the trailer is dubbed until the English version comes out, but was it necessary to also dub the punch that Oliver receives with the worst sound effect ever? Polanski is probably the last person who should be handling the tale of an abused child, but I'll give a fair shot to anyone who has a go at Dickens. David Lean's classic will probably still be the definitive treatment of Dickens over time, but it might be a close call, closer, at least, than if McG attempted to direct.

McSweeney's has been on a roll with some great pieces these last few weeks. Here's been my favorite, a must read for any enterprising journalists out there. Now with Fridays off, maybe I can make good on my promise and have something published on the site.

Torr has a few tracks from the upcoming My Morning Jacket album Z available. Anyone who likes their bands unclassifiable should check them out. It comes out this fall, along with the Dandy Warhols' excellent Odditorium or Warlords of Mars album. Try and find the song "Easy" online, it's classic Dandy.

But back to law, everyone happy with their schedules? Cast your ballots for study buddy.

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I got my fall schedule as well.

Pixar, here we come.

Digital Character Methodology 1
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