Sunday, July 17, 2005

500 lawsuits from beyond the grave

If Hillary Clinton really wanted the youth vote, she'd stay away from GTA. For those that have played San Andreas, the little display of carnal affection in question has to probably be the most positive thing about the game. The story is about settling vendettas in the most ruthless, graphic and, let's be honest, fun ways - so I find it difficult to understand how politicians could overlook the other parts of the game:

Using helicopters to raze beachgoers? Suitable.
Badly pixellated FOX-style sexuality? I do declare, I am appalled!

Speaking of FOX, only in a higher regard, the season premiere of Arrested Development is on September 14. Incidentally, that's the same day a newly Johnny Cashified Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays in Seattle. Once again, the great arbiter that is VHS may have to solve this conflict of interest. Along with Franz Ferdinand playing the Orpheum in October, this year's concert schedule is looking pretty solid.

Now we'll just have to see how the social calendar for the first month of law school plays out. A highlight is always the law boat cruise, which is just begging for someone to take literally the joke, "What are 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?"

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Anonymous said...

Gaudi (eccentric spanish architect) seems a lot like Micheal Bluth.

He helped design and build a huge upscale neighborhood complete with walkways, market, squares and a church. Then just one 'mini-mansion' was built - which he lived in alone for twenty years when the housing development ran out of money and interest waned.