Monday, May 16, 2005

No one would dare fire Jack!

I wish I could attribute the relative infrequency of my summer blog posts to an explosion of creativity on the screenwriting front, or at the very least some harrowing tale of my capture by exotic rebels of some variety and subsequent escape, but those who know me also know that I would hardly let rebels of any variety capture me. So yeah, no good excuses there.

Instead, my after-hours time has been split between reacquainting myself with my electric guitar, (see Ruby, I wasn't gone long), attending to the PS2, which was gathering dust during the study madness, and lastly, I've been at the mercy of some of the most drawn-out reality TV finales.

Seriously, the best real-estate deal that Donald Trump ever sealed was taking away my Thursday nights. That's some prime property. And just when you think it's over, the producers manage to eke out yet another hour. At least we can say with certainty which person did get fired: the damn editor!

What I will tolerate, however, are these final hours of the Jack Bauer Power Hour. I'll happily watch anything which delivers golden lines like these:

"It's funny, earlier today Jack and Audrey were planning their future, now Jack is responsible for her husband's death and he may have to torture her brother."

I guess when you're on the clock there's no sugar-coating things. Interesting sidenote: the brother in question is played by our very own Tre, of O.C. fame. Is it me or does that guy just love getting manhandled by police? And for those who've just seen tonight's episode, I don't use the term manhandled lightly...

Hmm, so I've been a bit lack on the musical front. Alright, some quick picks: this new Weezer album is mighty fine, Pitchfork massacre notwithstanding. Check out "This is Such a Pity" for Weezer's take on the whole 80's revival scene (if I had known my first decade was this cool I would have stayed around longer) and "Freak Me Out" for just plain coolness.

Oh yeah, as for law marks, not so bad. Looks like I can continue this whole "lawblog" motif for at least another year. "Unemployedblog" never had the same ring to it.

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