Monday, April 11, 2005

Your silence is acceptance

A quick post to wish all those in small group Bane a good luck on tomorrow's contracts exam, and the rest of exams over the next two weeks.

Please note: this well-wishing is subject to an exclusion of liability clause, which, should an air of wellness or similarly decent results fail to materialize, precludes any action against the wisher-of-well. Moreover, there is an implied force majeure clause which, in the event of a rattling air-conditioner or similarly frustrating event, denies the payment of any sort of quantum meruit for any sub-standard performance delivered up to the event.

Nerdery aside, knock 'em dead Bane.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I thought the shout out to my Pepys was absolutely the nerdiest thing i had ever seen but this takes it.....way to go Supernerd of the Year!!!

Anonymous said...

that last comment was right on the money

- Cathy

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ryan!