Saturday, April 30, 2005

Or, a very scruffy Agent Smith

This won't garner any sympathy from people living east of the Rockies, but I landed down in Calgary this evening and felt something I haven't felt in a long time: cold. I know they say living on the West coast makes you soft, and it's true, but it's such a gloriously warm softness! Anyway, I don't mean to disparage my hometown -I still loves my prairies - but coming home from Vancouver is not the same as coming home from Kingston. Which is more accurately a mad dash.

To business now, and last night's musical entertainment. Before I get to the Irish lads, I'll spend a few moments on Kings of Leon, whom in all reviews of these shows seem to be avoided.
Naturally, the brothers' sound isn't best suited for a large arena, a smaller venue obviously being the better choice. That they still managed to kick ass, however, is simply a bonus. "Four Kicks" has never sounded better. And kudos to the band for playing "Soft." If the audience had any idea about the subject matter of what they were listening to, the applause may have been a tad more... disgusted. Oh, and lead singer Caleb Followill looked a lot like Elrond from Lord of the Rings. Just thought I'd mention that.

And U2. It would be pointless to expound on how great these guys are, because "kick-ass" has only so many permutations. I will say that I've never seen a crowd go so insane, so consistently. I'd normally pick out some highlights of the show, but there honestly was never a low point, or even a "I could take it or leave it" point.

The lads were up to eleven the entire night, and even the new stuff sounded just as good as the old. Thankfully, Achtung Baby! got the lion's share of older material representation. Also, two encores, eight songs: how cool is that? Very cool is what.

If I have one complaint, it's that they didn't play "Stay." Weather aside, leaving Vancouver was extremely tough for another special reason, and had Bono played that song I may have simply submitted to the lyrics, and told folks here, "blame him."


Thomas said...

Luckily for you, this was only U2's second or third show of their tour. If it had been their 32nd show you would have spent the entire evening wondering why Bono wrote four albums' worth of songs one octave out of his range.

I'm still waiting for the U2 tour that features The Edge on lead vocals...

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