Monday, March 21, 2005

George Costanza would have appreciated the gesture

Having finished my Law & Economics essay, there is now officially nothing standing between me and the end of first year law except the most painful exams in history. (And I count the Spanish Inquisition.) The paper I wrote is a overview of the modern music market, and the sheer idiocy of record companies who pursue legal action against file sharers. Hopefully it also marks the last time I have to summon explanations of the twin demons of Supply and Demand to life in essay form. May ye now rest in peace.

Speaking of downloading, I checked out the new "it" band Louis XIV solely on the basis of their name and my love of all things French. Great stuff. I don't listen to much Bowie, but I can hear the influence. And critics note the T.Rex influences, but that's always been a band I hear people reference, but no one can ever tell me a hit song of theirs - other than the 30 seconds they hear on a Mitsubishi commercial. Hmmm, perhaps all these people just work for Mitsubishi and employ a very convoluted viral marketing campaign.

Speaking of marketing campaigns, it appears as if my linking to a certain eBay auction a few posts back has accounted for over 500 hits and 4 legitimate bids on - I kid you not - a jar of air. Two things are puzzling here: the first whether those bidders realize they are overpaying for not one but two items, both the jar and air. Second, that this site could have directed half a thousand hits in just a few days. Maybe I've underestimated the cultural value of this blog, and the power of word-of-mouth, but 500? Who reads this stuff? Which lurker dare post a comment!? Anyway, if that number is representative of who visits here, thank you, I guess.

Lastly, a heartfelt congrats to the other half of Team Awesome on the arrival of a brand new baby girl. I understand that you didn't want to take my name suggestion - Moot is more of a boy's name anyway - but couldn't the delivery have been held off for ten more hours? I was so close to winning the Bane baby pool! (Flashbacks to my losses in several Amazing Race pools. Stupid Megan & Heidi. Looks CAN kill... your chances!)

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Anonymous said...

I hear the 2005 Mitsubishi's are just awesome!