Monday, February 21, 2005


This is, as they say, the homestretch. In two months and one day, I will be done my first year of law school. I'd say "that's crazy," but I've learned a thing or two from the political correctness of Criminal Law, so I'll just say "that's mentally diseased!"

Reading week is over, so I thought I'd review that little numbered to-do list I wrote up. In doing so, I'll offer some post-game commentary as it were:

1. Visit Stanley Park. Done and done, much to the chagrin of my poor, poor feet. My faux-Mod sneakers are on their last legs (what a weird, elliptical analogy), which made for a rather uncomfortable (yet photogenic) walk around the eastern part of the park. Maybe it's best if I didn't try to make them match the life of my last faithful pair of sneakers. Man, I loved those Airwalks. They were with me from the first day of undergrad until they died a debilitating death along the cobbled streets of Cordoba, Spain, nearly three years later. Semper fi.
1. subsection a) Visit a shoe store.

2. Buy guitar strings. Check. Plus, I actually attached the things correctly this time. Still lacking, however, is a wire cutter. The metal ends of the excess string poking out from my acoustic are a liability to my eyes as I pluck away. I've heard of the famous bluesman Blind Willie McTell, and now I might know how he got that way.

3. Finish my Johnathan Strange book. Aw, hell no. This is unfortunate, as I wanted to tackle at least another novel before exams approach. I did put a sizeable dent in the amount left, however, and I look forward to its conclusion - which I suspect will be a literary humdinger!

4. Paint my room. Again, nothin' doin'. Perhaps I overestimated my nature as some sort of handyman. Someone told me that yellow is the colour that makes you anxious to leave, and thus, most waiting rooms are yellow in colour. That may be true, but I have a better magazine selection.

5. All-you-can-eat-sushi. This was, as expected, glorious. To boot, my friend and I got to sit right up by the chef, thus eliminating the waiter/middleman that tends to take his time when you're trying to milk a sushi restaurant for all it's worth. Among the highlights: Prawn Tempura maki roll, cooking on the Korean BBQ and of course, le wasabi.

6. Work on screenplay. I should probably be realistic and defer this until the summer, when I can have a proper go with it. Sigh, with an at-times hectic law school schedule, that's one of the few things that keeps me non-mentally diseased.

In review: I'm 3 for 6. That's horrible, awful - a tragedy. Or applying the wording from Torts Law, "that's lucrative."


AB said...

You should have become an accountant. We have our own set of cliches and catch phrases too...

If only I could recount all the fun times at accounting school, then you'd be in trouble lawyer-boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin,

I am still rocking my airwalks.