Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More like Antiquated Shoppe!

I believe it was the modern day sage, George W. Bush, that said, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, i'fool me can't get fooled again." Over the last two days, Future Shop here in Vancouver has sought to make that clear to me. For I am a sad child on Christmas morning, without his Tickle-me-Bright Eyes.

The item I speak of is the new album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. First, the store downtown tells me that they haven't unpacked it from the boxes (on the day of the release) and they can't do it until "the warehouse guys" have checked it first. Upon attempting again just a few hours later, all six copies have sold out. I was upset, of course, but this was somewhat assuaged by a subsequent all-you-can-eat sushi stop. (You'd never hurt me, California maki roll.)

Fast forward to today. I phone another Future Shop store to make sure the album is in. "Oh yeah, we have plenty." This is where the videophones promised to us in so many episodes of 24 would come in handy. With such a device, I would clearly see the smoke from this man's flaming pants. For when I get to the store, I'm told with eerie portent that the store has never stocked Bright Eyes CDs, and the woman I seek has been dead ten years. Ok I made that last part up.

On top of that, my efforts to find a way to his Seattle show next month have been thwarted. This whole debacle sucks. I must admit that my anger is not being denied a chance to listen to the album. I've had the album in digital form long before its release date, but wanted to own it as a testament to its utter greatness. For those who like to flout copyright laws (I'm no lawyer yet), check out "Lua" or "Landlocked Blues" to see this evidenced.

Oh, and speaking of 24, way to go Behrooz! Grab hold of your destiny and run with it! You show your father he has no right to order your death!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your grave misfortune. That's really too bad. And as far as Berus goes...did you SEE how he swung that shovel?! He went to TOWN on that dude's head!


Anonymous said...

I liked how, as he progressed, he seemed to slowly _rotate_ the shovel, so that rather than only using the blunt, flat part, he actually began making contact with the sharp, edged part. That, sir, was some fine shovel-swingin'.


Anonymous said...

Ok Behrooz is still going down like a sucker because you know the first place he's going is right home to mamma. Then he'll die. Then maybe mom will be smart enough to go to the feds but Behrooz doesnt seem smart enough to kill anyone then a hitman dumb enough to leave his gun flagrantly tucked in his ass crack.

Anonymous said...

I think you should check out Zulu records - they have everything!! It's just the type of store that you could hang out in for hours, and meet people who are equally as obsessive as you. You could share stories about concerts or albums. You could look down on the rest of us like the music snobs that you are.

Anonymous said...

you're such a free spirit!!