Monday, January 17, 2005

Expect an appearance from The Falconer

It's "callback" day amongst law firms, where they release the sword of Damacles and let you know if, indeed, you are firm material for the summer. I've been home most of the day, and so far, the phone has not rung. This can mean one of three things:

1) I didn't get the job. This is not the end of the world however, as it is still first year, and the chances of landing such a job are pretty slim. I can feel confident knowing that I got to a second round of interviews and made good contacts.

2) I got the job, they just haven't called and the above statement is BS.

3) Our phone company has finally realized they have not sent us a bill nor received payment in quite a while, and the silence of the telephone has less to do with the challenges of career moves and more to do with telecommunicative revenge.

Of course, the day has not been a complete loss. I've been madly scribbling down some material for the upcoming Law Revue. I've got a couple sketches in the works, and I figure the more you've got to work with the funnier things can be. Saturday Night Live usually bats a .500 when it comes to being really funny (add points for Will Forte or Fred Armisen's appearances, subtract many points for any hint of Jimmy Fallon).

In any case, it's great experience doing some more comedy writing. My script is looking awfully forlorn over there in the corner, so I must tend to it soon.

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Anonymous said...'ve been a blogging machine dude. Keep it up, I'm going to anxiously reading more blogs than ever while in Russia (only 11 days until departure...eek!).