Saturday, December 25, 2004

Where X = a + 3b

Long time no blog. Merry Xmas everyone on this unduly warm holiday in Calgary. The big man was good this year, and Santa helped too. Among the bounty a pirate would be jealous of, much needed guitar strings and guitar picks; zombie related dvds, books concerning Irish American rebels, and weapons, epidemics & alloys. And a visit from that wiley covert spy, Solid Snake, heralding the slow decline of decent marks in law school. Ah, Playstation, you shall be the end of me!

I'll keep this blog short, get back to enjoying the day, maybe catch the 8th run of Christmas Story on TBS, clog the ol' arteries with some industrial-strentgh egg nog (as it should be) and savour some good reading before it reverts once again to long-winded exhortations on all things law-related. Come to think of it, Santa is guilty of so much actionable trespass it's not even funny the amount of damages he will incur. Not even his elves (viz. accomplices) can whittle him an excuse.

Below is my new "car," a Mini. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like you got a better hul than I did. I wrote a simple list that consisted of a few (5) things for my return to St. Petersburg. One of the gifts I got was one of these, a Shopper's Drug Mart gift card. Obviously my family doesn't understand what the words "thick wool socks" mean.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, merry belated Christmas! Keep on posting.