Thursday, December 02, 2004

And no interest till 2009

Getting down to the wire, which means that demon procrastination is coming up with more clever disguises by the day. (On Thursday, thy demon's name is Trump.) So far I've discovered the best way to study to become a lawyer, is to act like a juror. I completely sequester myself in a room free from outside influence: no tv, no internet, no music, and any furnishings I would be apt to steal as a juror are my own.

I do miss the music though. I normally work with something in the background, but the system breaks down when you're reading about the postal rule in contracts and you just want to listen to the Postal Service. I read some great interview with Jack White in Q magazine (best. magazine. ever.) a while back, and he said he thought the key to producing greatness was depriving yourself of everything around you. Turn it all off and watch the results. Too bad Jack, Elephant had just made it back into my regular rotation and then you had to go spouting aphorisms.

Looking forward to the new year though. Wow, 2005. I always liked the odd numbered years more. Somehow more futuristic, less menacing. (Orwell sorta doomed the evens for the next little while.) Seriously though, the odd numbers snagged most of the sexy curves, while two and four are standing in front of the mirror asking six and eight if this equation makes them look fat.

But back to time. I'll always remember what my brother said about new years, "hey, in 2005, that means the Brick won't make you pay till 2008! The future is here!" Always thinking ahead, and so shall I. Studying, we duel at dawn.

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